Full-size LEGO Anesthesia Machine

Of all the things you can make out of LEGO–and there are plenty, as we can attest on this site–the one you probably aren’t thinking of is an anesthesia machine, much less a full-size one.

That’s what Eric Harshbarger has done. This cool project comes to us from Geekologie. Apparently, it was GE Healthcare’s idea to get the prolific LEGO artist to build a replica of one of their machines (they even sent him a real one to use as a model). He’s built many, many LEGO sculptures. You can see his entire portfolio on his site. He’s built the Eiffel Tower (though not full-size, of course) and R2-D2, among countless others.

Here’s the LEGO machine next to a real one. If you have trouble telling the difference between the two, here’s a hint: most real anesthesia machines aren’t all that blocky.

Lego Anesthesia machine

close-up of LEGO anesthesia machine

We’ve covered another one of his projects, a giant LEGO version of Bart Simpson, before. His LEGO desk was part of a list of 20 cool LEGO items. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you might also like a LEGO Millennium Falcon being constructed in stop motion.