The Hundred Acre Wood Avengers

What happens when you cross The Avengers with the art-style normally found in a Winnie the Pooh book? Something we call the Hundred-Acre Wood Avengers.


I suppose it was bound to happen. In a world where we have mashups of the Simpsons as Marvel Characters and Beer Coolers that resemble R2-D2 from Star Wars, seeing someone mix together The Avengers with Winnie the Pooh isn’t all that far-fetched. Or is it? Take a look at these pictures and then you can tell me.



According to our source, Thaeger, these bizarre drawings were illustrated by C.P. Wilson III, whose chicken scratch you can spot in the bottom corners of each piece.


The main inspiration for these series, judging from all the character’s lethargic expression and bumbling antics, would seem to come from the timeless Winnie the Pooh classic, The Hundred-Acre Wood. With dopey heroes like this, it makes me glad that to see that their greatest enemy isn’t a world-destroying maniac, but rather trying to walk in straight line and not fall over.


I can’t help but laugh a little everytime I look at these heroes. The Incredible in particular is just plain over-the-top ridiculous, with his sad Eeyore face mixed with that bear-like ability of being trapped in the wall. In this case I really don’t think I would worry about getting the big green guy all that angry, if he seems content to just lie on his back under a tree even with his arch enemy staring down at his face.


Hopefully you got just as big a kick out of these pictures as I did. Seeing them kind of gave me a weird feeling of nostalgia, but in a mashed-up way. I remember reading both Winne the Pooh stories and Marvel comics when I was young, so this is a pretty strange gathering of memories.