Amazing Ominous Lego AT-AT Creation

If you thought those Star Wars podracers from Episode I were cool, wait till you have a look at this AT-AT.

I loved Lego as a kid. I always loved attempting to make those extra creations on the side of the box, and while I didn’t always succeed I still had fun trying it. Lego enthusiasts have a pretty tough name to live up to, because they have to plan out their creations scaled properly and whatnot. I can respect that as a hobby.

Lego AT-AT and Stormtrooper Minifigs

I was moderately impressed when I found Green Helmet‘s creation over at MOCpages. I say moderately because I was under the impression that the AT-AT was just assembled according to instructions. When I went to look at the AT-AT as sold by Lego, however, I noticed that it looked significantly smaller and simpler than Green Helmet’s did. It’s hard to believe it, but this fan actually managed to exceed the instructions and create an AT-AT Walker scaled to fit all those stormtroopers. Don’t believe me?

Lego AT-AT Stormtroopers Within

I can’t even imagine the amount of chairs needed for this project. There’s gotta be one for every stormtrooper, plus officers and probably some spares — and they’re all brown chairs! As a kid, I probably only had a couple of yellow chairs in my whole collection, which pales more and more in comparison. Asides from that remark, the sheer storage space of this thing is very impressive. It was probably quite tedious to pack all those stormtroopers in there like that!

Lego AT-AT Pilots

Of course, we can’t forget the pilots in this Lego AT-AT. I’m assuming that character at the back is Green Helmet’s representation of himself in this gigantic creation. (Just kidding!) Credit to Green Helmet though, he does pay attention to detail — I’m impressed that he picked out the stormtroopers with the red emblems on their helmet to man the cockpit. It’s pretty cool how the tops of the cockpit and storage are all removable, as I never managed to get around that issue. My minifigs were entombed in whatever I put them in, unfortunately.

Lego AT-AT Lasers

One last shot to focus on the lasers on this baby. It would’ve been pretty cool if they had lasers shooting out of some of them, but I guess this detailed gun on its own will do. Kudos to Green Helmet at MOCpages for creating such a detailed AT-AT. I still can’t believe he did it without instructions.

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