The Definitive Great LEGO Ball Contraption

Somewhere in Europe, there are extremely pale geeks working on exhaustingly elaborate and complex LEGO Ball contraptions. While they are fundamentally useless for society on the whole, these brilliant craftsmen congregate in Copenhagen every year to show off their designs in the hopes of dazzling crowds of people and breaking world records.  Don’t believe me? Well I hope you have thirteen minutes to kill because the video of the latest record breaking contraption is that long, and that’s with the help of some man power to speed things along.

This latest record-breaking contraption was uploaded to YouTube by user LasseDeleuran, consists of ninety three different modules at LEGO World and brought together seven different builders from Denmark, Belgium and Holland. It would take me forever to describe every different module. It might be easier if I strung together a whole slew of adjectives like launchy, grabby, flingy, bring-ey, move-y, ascendy, ring-around-the rosy but I think you get the idea. A much more creative wordsmith like Dr. Seuss or Roald Dahl would have a more colorful explanation for this enormous contraption.

Here are some noteworthy highlights:


At approximately 1:48, there is an insanely cute Loco Roco type hill that caught me by surprise. There are also several dump trucks thrown into the mix. You can see one at around 6:58. At 9:54 there is a grey Plinko wall, everyones favorite Price Is Right game. Come to think of it, I’m surprised they didn’t add that goofy yodeler to one of the modules as well. In fact, someone should make an entire contraption based off of game-shows.

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Via: YouTube