Geonosis at Star Wars Miniland, LEGOland California

It’s still ultimately very surprising what a master designer and his crew can accomplish with over 30,000 LEGO pieces.

As both a LEGO and Star Wars fan, this is my dream come true. I can’t believe how realistic this creation actually turned out. Sized at a scale of 1:20, the Geonosian arena features everything from its hostile crowd to the fearsome beasts and the Jedi on the pillars. This must’ve been a ridiculously tedious task, although when you’re immersed in the world of LEGO I’m sure the time just whizzes right by. Nonetheless, master model builder Stephan Bentivoglio bit the bullet and created this Geonosian amphitheatre.

Master Builder Stephan Bentivoglio at work

I’m actually not too familiar with the history behind LEGOland, as I’ve never had the fortune of visiting California yet. Nonetheless, after a sweep of Google’s results, I’ve gathered that they’ve set up a Star Wars exhibition and actually have quite a rather large statue of Chewbacca in the front of it. There are also statues of C-3PO and R2-D2, which take around 30,000 pieces to make (only 15,000 for R2-D2). That’s the same amount as this arena!

I can really appreciate and admire the detail put into not only this sculpture, but also the many other ones, such as the Tatooine Cantine as well as the Gungans on the Naboo battlefield. I remember waking up early as a kid on a schoolday to build the Podracers on Tatooine, just so I could see what they looked like not on the box. They didn’t fail to amuse, although I did have quite a lot of trouble re-assembling it into the other pictures on the box. Although those don’t come with instructions, I love the challenge of trying to piece them together.

I can only imagine the effort that went not only into building it, but also into designing the darn thing. The thing is scaled at 1:20, which means that everything must be quite tediously calculated and put together. I’m hoping Bentivoglio didn’t have to do it on the fly, and if he did then I give him even more credit for doing so.

LEGO Geonosian Arena

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Via: Wired Geekdad and Twitter