Super Cool Functional Guns Made of Legos

There was a time when Lego was used by kids to make houses and other buildings. Adults, however, have another type of creativity and the number of Lego guns that sprung out recently stands as proof of that.

The designer of these guns is known as PrototypeNo97 on YouTube. Unlike previous models, the three guns presented in these videos are really functional. Of course, the impact is not deadly, as there is not enough force to push the projectiles. Besides, the projectiles are rubber bands and other similar objects, so not even with enough speed, they would not have a serious effect on the target. In the above video, PrototypeNo97 displays a Lego M249 Para. The details are really impressive, from the targeting sight to the magazine and the way the projectiles are attached.

The second gun is a Lego Semi Auto Pistol. The designer does not divulge how each gun was made from scratch. Instead, each video presents the gun in the final form. Some parts are detached in order to insert the projectiles. After that, each gun is tested on targets that are placed at a short distance.

The last model, which is certainly the most brilliant of the three, is a functional Lego Electric Machine Gun. This particular gun has 6 rubber bands attached on each side, a bipod that confers improved stability and even a buttpad. Several parts are attached to the body of the Lego machine gun with rubber bands, but other than that, everything is made from Lego parts.

PrototypeNo97 will attempt to create a new functional Lego gun each week, so it’s not a bad idea to subscribe to his channel. We are looking forward to more Lego guns from this creative designer.

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Via: CrunchGear