Batman’s Blocky and Beautiful LEGO Batcave

LEGOs are one of few toys which transcend the age barrier; adults may not get to enjoy the imagination of “playing” with LEGOs, but we can absolutely enjoy the excitement of building with them.

Even the LEGO video games based on Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Batman are able to appeal to children and adults alike, and much the same can be said for this amazing LEGO rendition of the Batcave.

The structure, as you can see, is more like a diorama than some of the larger and deeper structures one normally builds. This gives it the feel of some of the pre-made toys one might have owned as a kid, which gave a play area for G.I. Joes or Ninja Turtles. It even reminds me of the old Mighty Max toys, only considerably larger. The blocks of varying angles really add to the ambiance of the Batcave, giving it that suitably underground feeling, especially with the stalactites up top, home to various bats as well as dangling chains. Clear panes of glass make up the area where Batman stores the costumes of former “Bat family” members, and he’s somehow managed to make them glow a high-tech blue. Up top is the research area with the Bat-computer, a science lab, and a globe. Down below is a small parking area for the Batmobile, complete with a bridge across a chasm.

A stairway goes off into the wall, and it’s tough to see just where it leads, if anywhere. In fact, the only flaw with this Batcave is that we, the viewers, aren’t able to touch and explore it. Designer Alex Schranz used about 9,000 LEGO bricks to make this masterpiece, so no doubt there are plenty of other hidden features and details far more impressive than the “LEGO man or treasure chest hidden behind a wall” which I used to think was so clever as a kid. There’s no shortage of mind-blowing LEGO creations covered on our site, but a couple related ones of note are this Life-Size LEGO Batman and a small, sleek LEGO Batmobile.