Nail Art Animation Brings a New Level to MotoChic

When it comes to advertising it is always the very different ads that linger on and have a stronger recall value. How different can a small car get and how can it appeal to customers? In the small car segment there are numerous players and all are trying their level best to attract as many customers as possible and for this the media is used extensively. Basically all cars serve the same purpose so when it comes to presenting the product before potential customers it is the presentation that matters.

Kia motors, too, want to take their Picanto across to the market as a small car and they have really managed to drive home the message. How smaller can a car get if it fits on to your finger nail? This is what the Kia Picanto has come across as. Followed by the preview comes the full movie of stop motion on a finger nail.

Stop motion animation is not a new concept. It has been around since decades and the media has been making use of it for various purposes. What is different here is the idea of presenting this entire stop motion animation movie on a finger nail. It is called nail art animation. When you look at this one minute thirteen seconds movie you are left with a feeling of joy and amazement and you feel marveled at the work and effort put into creating it. After all, a fabulous screen appearance is a result of extensive hard work behind the scenes.

Take a look at the ingredients that have gone into preparing this amazing video – 1200 bottles of nail paint, 900 pieces of false nails, 25 days and nights, and two hours of painting per nail. That is a magnanimous amount of work put in to creating the world’s first nail art animation and not in vain. The amount of praise and accolades that it has got has been well deserved. This idea of presenting a small segment car was never thought of earlier which gives the product an edge over the others. When you talk of nail art you will have to mention the Picanto displayed on it and when you say Picanto you know you are talking about the small car from Kia.

The Picanto may be known by different names in different countries but it still remains the small economical car that was first presented in finger art animation form. One small car and all of it fitting on to a finger nail.

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