LEGO Death Star Explodes Planets into Reusable Pieces

LEGO and Star Wars are both quite popular in their own right, and there are enough fans of both that numerous official crossover products have been made.

The LEGO Death Star set, as seen assembled by Flickr user Flying Cloud, is one such crossover product. I’ve rarely been one to question the limitations of LEGO, as it seems to be one of those miraculous substances from which you can make absolutely everything, but this Death Star made of LEGO definitely pushes the envelope.

LEGO death star 1

The model manages to accurately capture the architecture of the Death Star, including the complex layers of construction on the back of the space station. The incredible scaffolding simply blows me away, especially because it poses in such sharp contrast to the flat and smooth plates on the finished side of the globe.

LEGO death star 2

The designer of the LEGO Death Star model decided to have the man-made satellite firing its death ray at Princess Leia’s home world of Alderaan. It’s neat that the model shows the green beam growing from the firing base, capturing a very precise frame of the ray being shot. It would be neat if the laser part of the model was lit up by an LED, as it would look just like the one in the movie – and stumbling upon this in the middle of the night would be even scarier.

LEGO death star 3

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