Big Daddy And Little Sister Munny Mod

Geeks owe a lot to KidRobot. Before the american company released their blank faced Munny dolls, there was no way you could convince your more “socially adjusted” friends that your “Lord Of The Rings” movie replica Sting sword (with display) or your Gundam figurines were more than just toys. You might’ve used words like models, figurines, artwork or signed by Elijah Wood himself to try and save some face, but I know just as well as you that they are snickering behind your back. But No Moar. Those days are over. Geeks, you can rejoice because Munny dolls are cool (according to their website) and so is this Bioshock Munny Doll Mod.

Most cuztomized Munny Dolls are cuter versions of their source characters. I suppose this is inevitable since the figurines naturally have bulbous, cute heads and overall, pudgy and shapeless bodies. These BioShock inspired Munny dolls are no exceptions.  KidRobot forum member InkyMcStapleFace took a regular sized Munny Doll to made a Little Sister from the game BioShock and used an relatively appropriate sized Mega Munny to make a Big Daddy.

She documented her process in a series of posts. Here we have one of the initial stages that shows how she cut out holes in the head and sculpted and sanded the body.

Here’s another closer look at the body.

This is interesting. To make the cage of the helmet, she used 1/2″ pvc tubing instead of actual metal. Sure fooled me.

InkyMcStapleFace rigged the inside of the helmet with LED lights to light it up and paints the entire Doll with a metallic base and a black ink wash to give it more definition and her own words, to “dirty it up.”

Hazaa! The end product looks gorgeous doesn’t it?

Here’s a picture of the dynamic duo side by side. Unfortunately there aren’t any more pictures of the Little Sister but it looks as though it was a much simpler project that involved mostly just painting.

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Via: KidRobot Forum