Viktor Mitic: The Modern Day Michaelangelo With a Gun

Some artists like to paint using water colors or acrylics. Various more eccentric artists enjoy the use of coffee stains and animal tracks in their work. On the other side of this spectrum is Viktor Mitic. He has two hobbies that he felt melded together just fine for his own unique style. Viktor enjoys art. Viktor also enjoys guns. Thus, Viktor composes artistic portrayals with guns.

This contentious Serbian-born Canadian artist has taken it into his own hands to express his arts with a skill he learned while serving in the National Service for the Serbian Army. When told by a critic that his art needed to be more penetrating, Mitic decided that his artwork needed some hot lead penetration.

“I wanted to use it as a tool of creation, rather than of destruction,” Mitic says. While I doubt pistols and automatic rifles will be used in an art class any time soon, Mitic’s unique take on inventing art has been working well for him as he has become much more widely known since his art was commissioned for exhibition in 2009.

He has done replicas of Picasso’s Gurnica and even some more controversial portraits. What do I mean by controversial? Well, it seemed like an ironic idea to do portraits of gunned down popular figures such as John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, and John Lennon with bullets riddled into their faces. While the theme behind these portraits is on a rather extreme side it is worthwhile to note that they have only helped Mitic’s popularity grow due to the controversy which stems from these paintings.

Next time you ask someone to paint a portrait for you, don’t run scared when they pull out a gun. They may want to shoot the canvas instead.

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Source: Oddity Central