Lego Mega Man Wily Machine

One of the most important characters in the world of video games and comics, Mega Man continues to enthral us with his superhuman abilities and his willingness to take on evildoers like Dr. Wily.

Dr. Wily is the stereotypical mad scientist who uses his superior intellect for devious purposes. Unfortunately, even in real life, most people with good intelligence use it for sinister purposes just like Dr. Wily does.

As an ode to the primary antagonist in the Mega Man series, here is a colourful Wily Machine, which Dr. Wily would surely have loved to ride. Dr. Wily usually uses the Wily Machine during the end of Mega Man games, and the machines usually come with a sinister flying saucer on the top. Wily Machines are followed up with an escape pod which is named as the Wily Capsule. The unmistakable skull motif can be observed in this cute Lego Mega Man Wily Machine.

Maegnus has used bright colours such as red, yellow, blue, white and even grey and black in order to create a cute Wily Machine. Though Dr. Wily is supposed to be the scary antagonist and the mad scientist, in the Lego version he looks pretty cute and adorable. In this particular Lego model, he sits inside ready to take on Mega Man and perhaps destroy everything around him.

It is funny to think that there are many real mad scientists in the world who have been using animals, and even humans for their sinister experiments for the ‘benefit of science’. This only proves that there are many moral lessons for us to learn from these video games and comics like Mega Man. You could also take a look at the cute Mega Man Munny Doll or choose to wear the Mega Man Hoodie. The Mega Man Coffee Mug will help you stay awake during long working hours.