The Newest LEGO Great Ball Contraption

The latest  LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBCs) has been uploaded to YouTube. While it’s by no means the most elaborate GBC we’ve seen , it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at either.

Great Ball Contraption

Posted by desiredusername, this video offers 7 minutes and 56 seconds of robotic LEGO bliss as mini soccer ball and basketballs are transported through this plastic block, tube, and the occasional battery-powered gauntlet and/or motor circus. The build actually includes 20 different GBCs connected in one solid loop. There’s even a dump truck on an elliptical path assisting in this city of miniature sports equipment.

Monster’s Inc.’s infamous childhood bedroom door factory comes to mind when watching this LEGO-engineering manifesto. For the highlights, be sure to watch the very beginning when the dump truck starts at off and at 5:00 for fun basketball hoop shots and the awesome ferris wheel contraption.

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