LEGO Mini Figures Are Major Collectibles [Infographic]

Long-time LEGO lovers let loose! All of those LEGO Minifigs you’ve been stockpiling just for fun are actually considered major collectibles, too.

LEGO figs bring your favorite LEGO constructions to life, so much to life that if they had their own country, it would contain the world’s largest population today (4 billion). If you think that number itself is impressive, consider the possibilities … 8 quadrillion of them; that’s how many ways you can combine all of the LEGO mini figure parts ever made. However, the gender disparity is quite large, at a 18:1 male to female LEGO minifig ratio.

Looking for more cool facts you’d never think to ask about the LEGO minifigs? See the infographic below for some pretty unbelievable details.

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