Street Fighter II LEGO Minifigs By Julian Fong

LEGOs and Street Fighter II as one, thanks to one passionate fan of both.

Street Fighter II Lego minifigure by Julian Fong 2

We here at Walyou won’t shy away from our love of LEGOs. Those crafty plastic blocks don’t disappoint, well, except for when you can’t find that one piece to complete that sweet pirate-ship set your parents bought you for your birthday… uh, but other than that, they’re great, and the near infinite possibilities of creation they spark like a July 4th celebration is always welcomed.

Such is the example for the next item up for show, Julian Fong’s cast of LEGO miniature figures based on the popular, and immensely influential, fighting game series by Capcom, Street Fighter II. Via his “levork” Flickr page, Julian has done an exemplary jog at shrinking sixteen of the iconic World Warriors, each awesomely cloned after their in-game representation.

Street Fighter II Lego minifigure by Julian Fong

The whole process took one-and-half years to do, and with the grand purpose of presenting his mini-Street Fighters to Lego’s own crowd-sourced website, Cuusoo. Perhaps you’ve heard mention of it when we talked about a certain LEGO set based on Valve’s Portal 2, which is currently being judged by the higher-ups at LEGO HQ on whether the user-submitted project will be put into production.

Disappointingly, for both Julian and us, his Street Fighter II minifigs was KO’d by a wicked psycho crusher from administrators, who quickly turned down the proposal, deeming the project unfit of the LEGO brand because it contained questionable content. Translation: violence. Which is an odd position to take considering the company produces material from the likes of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Street Fighter II Lego minifigure by Julian Fong 3

Now, correct me if I’m wrong Internet… I don’t know which movie cut LEGO saw, but I’m pretty darn sure there’s loads of brute force – people and creatures being sliced in half, even! – in those two above fictional properties. Yet here, its called unacceptable? Uh… okay?

Well, whatever the case may be – *cough,cough* a stupid one *cough, cough* – it’s a good bet that these little guys (and gals) probably won’t be ever pressed and sold. Although, hey, there’s always hope someone else with the same powers as LEGO might take Julian’s project and turn it into reality. Just like the sort of geeky interests found here on Walyou.

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