18 Freaky Octopus Creations

The octopus, with its numerous tentacles, its amazing flexible invertebrate body and its unrivaled ability to disappear after the expulsion of ink, is one of the most mysterious and freakish creatures known to human beings. In Hawaiian creation myth, the octopus is the lone survivor of the previous, alien universe. In literature and movies, the octopus is often doomed as a giant monster whose only living purpose is to track down and destroy the protagonists. Yet somehow, it managed to become an inspiration for various objects of our life. These 18 octopus inspired creations, even though freakish, are still charming in their own rights.

Octopus Cake


The pair of eyes, the skin color, the eight tentacles, the gazillion suckers, everything looks so real that no matter how delicious Debbie the baker tries to convince you the octopus cake is, you might still hesitate to taste that thing.

Octopus Cake Pan


Via: Forks

If you don’t have the talent to make such a magnificent cake like Debbie did, you can still make one lovely little cake thanks to this brilliant octopus-shaped cake pan from William-Sonoma.

Octopus Watch


Via: The Watchery

Kudoke in March 2011 has released an exceptional hand made skeletonized timepiece with a touch of steampunk. The KudOtopus, as the watch is called, features an octopus actually entangled into the swinging balance of the watch.

Steampunk Clockwork Octopus Sculpture


Via: Daniel Proulx

Daniel Proulx transformed the octopus image into a beautiful sculpture which, despite the steampunkish metallic appearance, remains its grace as if it’s swimming rhythmically under the sea.

Steampunk Octopus


Via: ToxicPretty

The devil of the sea, the Kryptonite of steamships, the nightmare of sailors, the octopus is depicted with all the horror and mystery in this beautiful steampunk rendition of ToxicPretty.

Octopus Chair


From the front, it looks just like any other luxurious chair we usually see in executive offices. But from the back, the stylish chair turns into a giant black octopus with tentacles sprawling across the floor.

Octopus Chandelier


Via: Nerd Approved

If the numerous tentacles of the octopus can do anything useful, it is to hold the light bulbs of your fancy chandelier. $9,000 will buy you this beautifully salmon colored octopus chandelier.

Octopus USB Lamp Fan Pencil Vase


Via: Ali Express

This is must be the cutest octopus creation you have ever seen. Powered by USB, the octopus pencil vase triples as a lamp and a pencil vase.

Octopus iPhone Case


Via: Siiri

If you are looking for something cute, colorful, geeky and useful, this cozy octopus iPhone case is for you. It is handmade from Australia wool blend felt, and features an ultra cute octopus with button eyes and flower bow.

Octopus USB Connector


Via: Technaima

This is when you wish the octopus had more tentacles. Manufactured by a Chinese company, the octopus shaped USB connector lets you connect three USBs at a time to your computer.

Octopus Webcam


Via: Get USB

Boo, the octopus is watching you! Despite the red color, these are actually green products as the internal components are RoHS environmental friendly and the package is made of 100% recycled cardboard.

Cthulhu Mask


Via: Super Punch

Cthulhu is one of the most well-known octopus like entities among the geek community. Created by Bob Basset, the Cthulhu mask is a horrifying design that has a touch of steampunk thanks to its leathery material.

Octopus Hair


Via: Through the Roof n Underground

Being whimsical is not easy. It must have taken this lady and her hairdresser ages to create this enormous octopus hair style. Respect!

Octopus Earrings


Via: OctopusMe

If you manage not to freak him out, you might probably score some brownie points on your first date with this pair of freaky octopus earrings. Just imagine how it is like when you have octopus tentacles crawling out of your ears!

Octopus Temari Ball


Via: Niradar

With amazing skills and a whacking taste, Nir Adar re-created the Japanese Temari thread ball from octopus tentacles. It looks so real that you can almost feel the slime on the surface.

Chopstick Octopus


Via: Pink Tentacle

It took the artist Masataka Koike 8 months and 2,000 used wooden chopsticks to create this super realistic octopus sculpture. It is simply amazing!

Octopus Paper Art


Via: Biblio Odyssey

To convey the message “Words create Worlds”, the Anagram Bookshop in Prague built various objects of the real world, including the octopus, from pages of books.

Muhadib the Octopus


As Paul the octopus was rocking the real world with his consecutive correct predictions, the Internet community soon developed an online version of it: Muhadib. You can ask Muhadib the octopus any question you like with two provided options. He goes through his cyber brain, check details, information and code, and picks the answer.