Smartphone App Onavo to Cut Down Data Usage Charges by Almost 80%

It is certainly a great thing to own a cellphone that allows you to browse the Internet without any glitches, but only if you have a loaded bank account.

Most smartphone users tend to use the Internet heavily and when they use online streaming services and YouTube, the data costs increase exponentially. When these heavy data users travel abroad, they end up spending an exorbitant amount because of their usage.

While cheaper telephone calls and text messages can be achieved by buying a local sim card, it is not possible to browse and use the Internet without having to spend a lot of money. This is where new Israeli start-up Onavo comes to our rescue. They’ve launched a cool new smartphone application that compresses data used  by the device and thus leads to a significant reduction in your monthly bill.

Onavo is easy to use app that will help iPhone and Android users to reduce their bill amounts by almost 80% while abroad. When you install Onavo on your smartphone, it doubles as a proxy; all the data you’d use via the 3G network is instead run through the Onavo cloud server. When data passes through the cloud server, it is ‘magically’ shrunk in size, leading to ‘less’ data usage, as far as your cellphone service provider is concerned.

Onavo will first be available on the iPhone, followed by Android. They also have special add-ons that make using Facebook, email, and Google Maps an enjoyable and affordable experience on your cellphone, even when you are travelling abroad.

Founded by six friends who met in an elite intelligent unit in the military, the idea of creating this app came to them after paying an outrageous amount of money to their data service providers following a trip to the Global Mobile Congress exhibition in Barcelona last year. The idea of saving 5MB-15MB in data usage actually amounts to saving more than $50! Onavo thus helps you to reduce your expenditure in a meaningful way.

Onavo will be available not only for globe-trotters, but also cash-strung domestic users. If you’re a smartphone junkie, take a look at the 19 Android and iPhone apps and the iPhone app that can create Models in Virtual Space.

Via: No Camels