The Emperor’s Arrival Star Wars Scene in Lego

The Emperor’s Arrival is truly a memorable moment in Star Wars history.  What makes it even more memorable is the creation of the arrival with LEGO pieces.

Jay Hoff, creator of this incredible diorama, used some 30,000 LEGO pieces to create what might be the most impressive LEGO Star Wars set-up.  It features 400 Minifigures, all of which are to proper scale.

The diorama features the scene from the beginning of Return of the Jedi.  If you remember the scene, then you’ll also remember the staggering contrast between the bright red carpet and the glossy black floor.  Jay captures this perfectly with the intricate details put into every inch of the setting.

What’s also impressive is that this same amount of detail is put into everything including the walls, the placement of all the Stormtroopers, and the star field through the doors.  Sitting in the background of all this is the impressive Imperial Shuttle Kit.

Jays creation was created for Science Discovery Day at the Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa.  The diorama replicates that of the movie almost perfectly.  However, Jay has added some little personal touches to the scene.  At first look, you can easily recognize the Emperor walking along side Vador, but a closer look will reveal that walking behind them is the infamous Darth Maul.

Another little frugal touch to the display is the Stormtroopers, many of which are Clone Troopers.  The reason for this is that apparently clones are cheaper than the actual storms.  Another little touch was that of the right bay wall.

The original model does not include all of the wall but in the images was put in using Photoshop to make it look more appealing.  Add all of this up, and you have a truly impressive LEGO creation of one of the most memorable scenes from the Star Wars legacy.

To see more Star Wars creations you should see the Boba Fett Lego Armor and the Millennium Falcon Lego Stop Motion Video.

Via: MOC Pages / Forever Geek

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