Cute Handmade Spider Pig Doll

Can she swing from a web? No, she can’t, but she sure is adorable! This cuddly tribute to Homer Simpson’s porcine pal was created by artist Natalia Serrano, as featured on Obvious Winner.

Spider Pig 1

When the Simpson’s movie came out in 2007, the same year Spider-Man 3 premiered, audiences couldn’t get the name Spider Pig out of their heads. In the movie, Homer Simpson lets his pet pig trot across ceiling of their house as he chants, “Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does.” The Spider Pig jingle became an instant internet sensation, with web videos garnering hundreds of thousands of hits.

Thanks to creative crafters like Serrano, movie fans can now appreciate Spider Pig as she really is, complete with the super hero costume.

Spider Pig 2

Serrano used pieces of red and blue fabric sewn together to resemble the Spider-Man costume. The web lines and spider chest emblem were drawn with black fabric pen to emphasize detail. Spider Pig’s back has a red hand-sewn spider patch, and her mask has the black and white eyes with their trademark Spider-Man shape. Only Spider Pig’s pink ears and snout are seen peeking from her mask. This is probably to protect her secret identity from being discovered by her foes.

Natalia Serrano’s gallery on Deviant Art shows her other interesting creations. Aside from handcrafting her own animal plush toys like Spider Pig, she also designs clothes and costumes. Serrano is also fond of photography, drawing, and graphic design. To date, Spider Pig is only one of dozens of cuddly critters she designed and made herself. There may be more cute heroes coming soon! Now doesn’t that want to make you burst into Homer’s song?

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Via: Obvious Winner