Doctor Who TARDIS Cake: Adventures in Time and Deliciousness

Although it’s always been strictly for the geeks on this side of the Atlantic, Doctor Who is a cultural institution in the UK. During the show’s original 25 years plus run, generations of English kids grew up with the time-traveling adventures of the good Doctor and his Companions.

One of the geniuses of program was that given the Doctor’s unique alien biology, whenever he was killed, his body would regenerate and take on an entirely new appearance. This allowed the show to change the lead actor every few years to keep things fresh. also, since The Doctor was capable of traveling anywhere in time and space, the show could take place anywhere and anywhen.

The only drawback to all this flexibility was there wasn’t much continuity to the show. In fact, the only thing that stayed from episode to episode and season to season was the Doctor’s amazing time machine, the Tardis. Shaped like a British police call box, it was the one constant in the program and became the iconic symbol of it for the viewing public.

So when British baker The Quirky Confectioner wanted to make a birthday cake for her Doctor Who fan friend, she choose to make it in the shape of the Tardis. And boy, oh boy is it a thing of beauty. On the outside, it’s a near perfect replica of the time machine with every sign and window in the right place. It even has the Fourth’s Doctor’s long scarf hanging out the door and his favorite candy jelly babies surrounding it.

Inside, it’s a delicious-sounding chocolate coconut mud cake, full of sugar and calories for the weary time traveler. James R. Turner, the lucky friend who got the cake, is pictured below and was obviously overjoyed. And who wouldn’t be. Hats off to The Quirky Confectioner for creating a one-of-a-kind cake. The Doctor would be pleased. Doctor Who, that is. A real doctor would probably advise against eating that much sugar in one sitting.