LEGO Watchmen Owl Ship Ready To Patrol The Night Skies

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane … but it might just be a mix of both. Wait, it’s not Superman either. It’s the “Watchmen” Owl Ship now brought to you in LEGO form.

Owl Ship 01

Since hitting the market in the 1960s, plastic LEGO bricks have been the gift that just keeps on giving; a sort of primordial matter with which virtually nothing can’t be built or replicated on scale. The resulting sculptures, though, are only as good as whoever has put the bricks together. Flickr user Maegnus has done a mighty fine job with this Owl Ship.

Owl Ship 02

The flying submersible vehicle owned by masked vigilante Dan Dreiberg (a.k.a. Nite Owl II) has been reproduced with considerable accuracy here. Fans of the comic book may cry foul regarding the coloring and other minor features but in truth, Maegnus’ work is based on the movie’s slightly updated version of the ship.

Owl Ship 03

Nicknamed “Archie” in reference to Archimedes, Merlin’s pet owl in Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone”, the ship is equipped with weapons and gadgets of all sorts. Maegnus has portrayed the search lights between and below the ship’s “eyes”, the blue water cannons in the under-belly and most prominent of all, the flamethrower at the back.

Owl Ship 04

The conspicuous blue flames are DUPLO parts. DUPLO is LEGO’s product line for smaller children, hence the larger size of its components.

Owl Ship 05

Due to the nature of the building material, the curvatures of the LEGO ship aren’t very fluid. As a result, it looks stiffer and not as aerodynamic as the one in the movie. There are no specifications available regarding its size but judging by Maegnus’ other efforts involving LEGO, it’s quite safe to assume it’s big enough for Playmobil dolls to fit inside.

Owl Ship 06

My only real gripe is that it’s been placed for show on a kind of pedestal that makes it look a little like Wall-E or some other robot-like creature at first glance. However, this isn’t a problem within the figure itself and it can be easily mended. All in all, Maegnus’ rendition of Dreiberg’s awesome invention is definitely noteworthy in its own right.

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Via: Flickr