Snap Some Legos to Snap Pictures: The Legotron Camera Mod

Don’t you just hate travelling with a bulky camera bag for your DSLR hanging by your waist? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could break down your camera into more than just the body, flash and lens? Well, if you already spend a lot of time composing and aligning your shots, then how about assembling your camera on the spot with LEGO.

LEGOTron Camera

Cary Norton spent two years building this LEGOTron Camera using the bricks from the music video Fell In Love With A Girl by The White Stripes. That’s a lie. But it sure looks like it – amiright? Of course the lens is not made out of LEGO. She bought a 127mm f4.7 lens on Ebay for approximately forty dollars and there’s also a piece of ground glass at the back. You can’t tell from a lot of the pictures but there is in fact a smaller LEGO box within a larger LEGO box. The smaller one slides out the back to focus the shots.

You can see here how the image is flipped on the glass since there is no mirror or viewfinder in the camera. A few commenters on her website pointed out that there might be a problem with outside light muddling and some suggested that she should have used a flat piece of LEGO on the roof to mitigate this effect. Let’s take a look at one of the pictures taken by the camera.

It looks to me as though these concerns were only somewhat valid. You can see hair-like lines running across the top of the picture that I can only assume were caused by the spaces in the bricks. Nonetheless, the picture is fantastic and I doubt that many of these detractors could take a portrait half as good as this one.

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Via: Cary Norton