The Grenade Bunny: Cottontail, Look Out!

If you’ve never thought that a hand grenade looked similar to a sweet little bunny, then you will now.  Pretty in Plastic Inc. has teamed up with Rich DeSimone, also known as Lucky Bunny, and created the Grenade Bunny. This army green bunny sculpture will grab your attention by it’s sheer size.  And if that isn’t enough then the detail that is put into this sculpture certainly will.

The giant pin seems to form the eyes of the bunny perfectly and yet keep that same grenade look and feel.  Great detail was put into the army green paint that covers the body of the cuddly explosive bunny.  As far as size goes, no exact details have been released as to how tall it stands, but you can get a pretty good idea from the pictures that it sits several feet tall.

Rich DeSimone, or Lucky Bunny, creates a wide array of bunny art.  He and Julie B. from Pretty In Plastic Inc. presented the massive Grenade Bunny at the Joseph Watson Gallery in Las Vegas at an exhibit title “Strength in Numbers.”

DeSimone named his company Lucky Bunny after his pet rabbit.  He worked in advertising for several years and after seeing companies make large amounts of income from his ideas, he decided that he’d break off and start something of his own, and thus Lucky Bunny was created.  Pretty in Plastic Inc, located in Las Angeles, do prototyping, sculpting, and design work of toys both on large, and small scales.  Together, both Rich and Julie were able to design, prototype, and sculpt the Grenade Bunny on a very large scale.

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Via: SpankyStokes