Castlevania Super Nintendo Console By Vadu Amka

It would be a curse to not check out this spectacular-looking Castelvania SNES.

Castlevania Draculas Curse SNES image 1

If you needed something to kickstart your Halloween excitement, then video game console-modder Vadu Amka has just the thing for you: a Super Nintendo designed after one of the most Halloween-celebrating video game series, Konami’s Castlevania.

To be precise, the action game franchise that rose to popularity at the height of the NES, was more of a love letter to the classic monster movies of the 1930s and 1940s from American movie maker, Universal Studios. But seeing how Halloween owes so much of its modern iconagraphy to those films, the two just can’t be separated.

Castlevania Draculas Curse SNES image 2

As for Vadu’s spooky creation, the Castlevania SNES – also know as the Dracula’s Curse edition, named after the second game in the series – is a great spittin’ representation of all that makes Castlevania… uh, Castlevania-y?!

First, it looks like a breakable block from the game, the kind you can break and find a whole roasted chicken in (gross, but it’s better than dying), with skeleton skull and coffin in tow. And notably, it features the two most prominent fixtures in all of Castlevania, Dracula’s castle and the famed, evil-banishing whip belonging to the Belmont Family.

Castlevania Draculas Curse SNES image 3Castlevania Draculas Curse SNES image 4

Lest I forget to mention that SNES controller, which looks darn close to weathered wood, and has some nice bronze decorating that alines with the overall theme of the console. I can only guess Vadu made a pact with Dracula himself to create something so amazing. That, or maybe Vadu is really good at what he does, especially considering past console creations.

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