Apple Patent Reveals GPS Computer Pen

After a string of Apple product reveals, it seems that the company is not done yet with a patent revealing a pen with both cellular and GPS capabilities.

Smart Pen image

For those who do their work completely out of some form of office space, several things will likely be ‘mandatory’ ; a computer of whatever model, whether it be a Windows desktop or an iMac, a mobile phone of some sort, a stack of paper and, of course, an entire collection of stationery. For those amongst consumers who like to be at the cutting edge of technology as they go about their work day, they will be delighted by the news that Apple are working on a ‘Smart Pen’.

These past few weeks have already revealed a low-end iPhone 5, an iWatch and the development of the iPhone 6, but this next trick that Apple have up their device riddled sleeves, would bring practical technology to a much-used, practical device. It has yet to be named but documents obtained by Apple blog, AppleInsider, are suggesting that this thing, which could be dubbed a ‘Smart Pen’ (alongside the nicknames given to Smart Phones, Smart TVs and the latest, Smart Watches) will include GPS and cellular technology, meaning that you can make a call as you’re making notes.

According to the patent that Apple filed, the pen will also include a touchscreen, a rechargeable battery, a microphone and a speaker. While these things point to the pen being some kind of ‘portable computer’ like device, some things outlined in the patent suggest that the piece of hi-tech stationery could also be used for cellular capabilities – yes, a pen that doubles as a cell phone.

Apple Pen computer image 1

You can see a image from the patent above, but you can read some of the the formal text from the patent below.

A cellular telephone comprising: a case, the case sized and shaped to be held in one hand resting between the root of the thumb and index finger of the hand; the case being non-hinged and the case housing: a microphone and a speaker; a display, the display resting in the dorsal area at the back of the hand when the case rests between the root of the thumb and index finger of the hand and a user’s wrist; a touchscreen; a rechargeable battery; a cellular transceiver, said cellular transceiver configured to wirelessly send and receive text messages, email, and voice data; a data entry input device configured for data input to the cellular telephone; a GPS receiver that outputs the telephone location; and, a processor that accepts input from the data entry input device and the telephone location and location stamps the input with the telephone location.

Apple have obviously yet to formally announce the product as it is currently in the ‘brainchild’ stage of formative development but we’ll keep you posted on Apple’s ‘Smart Pen’ as we receive the news.

Source : AppleInsider

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