Nintendo Wii U Update Introduces “Quick Start” Menu

The newest system update for the Wii U gets players into the game as fast as ever.

Wii U Quick Start Menu image

Speed, much like emphasis of Mario Kart 8, is the main thrust behind the latest system update for the Nintendo Wii U. Update version 5.00 features the rather convenient “quick start” menu that allows users to get right into their favorite games, minus the waiting time that comes with booting-up the Wii U’s operating system.

The “quick start” menu also keeps track of what recent games/apps you’ve used so that the whole process really shaves off the time between you and, say, getting back into Mario Kart 8 to work on shaving off your race track time (I know, I know, too much Mario Kart on the brain). Take a look at the quick start menu in action.

As a generation that’s accustomed to the instant-touch lifestyle that comes with our modern electronics, your iPads and such, this is a smart move on Nintendo behalf.

Of course, that’s not all Update 5.00 brings with it: automatic downloading and installing of future system updates, a new kind of notification system on the Wii U GamePad controller that alerts patrons of status updates even when the main console is turned off, and most importantly of all, those awesome system stability tweaks.

The latest Wii U update is available now, as is Mario Kart 8. But I’m sure you already know that through my heavy, probably unbearable name dropping of it (it’s well deserved though!).

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