Contemporary Light Art Show Strikes Slovenia With Inspiration

Many say that when God was creating the Earth he said, “let there be light.” Not that anything changed, but things could be seen with a new perspective. Light has immense power and can give a whole new definition to life. Taking the form of an art it has served as a medium of expression for many artists.

This July saw the opening of the 9th International Festival of Contemporary Art in Ptuj, Slovenia. This festival is hosting various light objects in association with Light Art Biennial, Austria where artists like Manfred Kielnhofer, Christoph Luckeneder, Mounty R. P. Zentara and Alexandre Murucci will be featured. Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi has also been invited to the festival to showcase her light drawings. All in all this festival promises to be quite a light-ening one.Light as an art form has been in existence since centuries with the earliest examples of it being visible in the churches and mosques of the 4th Century. These structures carried stained glass windows that not only added beauty to the place but also served as a means of expression. Another art form that makes ample use of light is shadow puppetry where an entire puppet show is conducted using shadows. With the development of technology art forms have also undergone changes and now light is used in innovative ways in photography and motion picture.

Effective use of light is also made when doing the interior decoration of a particular place when the light type and positioning plays an important part in defining the mood and atmosphere of a place. It has great aesthetic values attached with it that helps create a perfect blend of comfort and style. Modern days have seen the development of various forms of artificial lighting which have thrown open multiple art options. Artists have made extensive use of light and made experiment of various kinds when exploring this medium of expression. Some of the prominent examples of light art come in the form of light sculptures, light graffiti and neon lighting and a blend of all this can be seen at the Ptuj festival.

The Ptuj festival this year has been named Connect and keeping up to its title arrangements have been made to bring together over 100 artists with 80 of them being featured in Slovenia for the first time. The festival is scheduled to run till the September 5, 2011 during the course of which 54 events will be presented by 16 curators.

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