The Last Of Us: Naughty Dog’s New Action-Survival Game

Learn about the Uncharted 3 dev’s next PlayStation 3-exclusive title, and perhaps 2012’s most awaited one, The Last of Us.

The Last Of Us Image 1

Last night’s resurfacing of Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance at Spike’s 2011 Video Game Awards wasn’t the only colossal piece of news there — besides me finding out how long you can tie a string of obscenities together on cable TV; we also got the amazing debut of The Last of Us, a brand new tale from the creators of the Uncharted series coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 in 2012.

It’s developer Naughty Dog’s next game away from the world of Nathan Drake & friends, an action-survival one to boot, which enters the destructive realm of a post-apocalyptic United States. Word on the street is that a devastating fungal infection (see kids, practicing good hygiene matters) has left the nation in ruins — it’s also left it with a large infected population that has the constant urge to kill.

Also, they look like spoiled broccoli.

The Last Of Us Image 2

There are survivors though in The Last of Us, obviously as the name implies, and you’ll play as two of them. Joel, a grizzly middle-aged drifter, and Ellie, a teenage girl bravely living on her own. Two strangers that meet each other through game-plot circumstances and embark together on a dangerous journey through a shattered, disease infected-filled America.

Certainly sounds like the worst sit-com ever. But seeing as it’s not, and my loving faith in Naughty Dog to deliver another thrilling experience, that oh by the way, looks technically marvelous as Uncharted 3 did — then count me absolutely in.

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