Cosplay Pays Off: Little Girl Cosplays Stan Lee And Gets Picture With The Man Himself

If you care at all about comics, chances are you know who Stan Lee is. The man is almost as well-known as his creations (Spider-man, X-men, Avengers), and as worthy of being cosplayed.

Stan Lee Cosplay

This little lady here was spotted at Motor City Comic Con by the Cosmic Brownie crowd, and is pretty kickass for many reasons. First of all, we don’t see tributes to Stan Lee, the man himself, all that often, let alone jobs as good as this, and played by an adorable little girl on top of it. But second of all, the fact that Stan Lee himself thought this cosplay was cool and took a picture with the cosplayer to celebrate it makes the whole thing all that much cooler.

Stan Lee & Stan Lee Cosplayer

Source: The Mary Sue

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