Steampunk Link cosplay from Legend of Zelda looks just amazing

For whatever reason it might be, it’s always the girls who do the best Link from The Legend of Zelda, and this steampunk cosplay is no exception.

Steampunk Link Cosplay 1

Costa Rican cosplayer Molecular Agatha created this genderbent cosplay featuring Link from The Legend of Zelda in one of our favorite versions yet, steampunk style. It has some unbelievable details and finishes that both give the Hylian lad a fantastic look while also keeping him recognizable.

Steampunk Link Cosplay 3

The whole costume was the product of her teamwork with Karen Poblete, who also worked on the suit, and Daniela Alfaro, who took the pictures and chose the locations.

Steampunk Link Cosplay 2

Although the sword and shield are totally the center piece of this costume, the boots and gloves still deserve particular attention. If you want to see more of her creations, be sure to visit Molecular Agatha’s DeviantArt page.

Steampunk Link Cosplay 4

Via Nergasmo

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