13 Amazing Little People Street Artworks

How’s life down there for the little people? Not the common folk, but actual little people, half the size of a match? Well, if you believe in them, then the artwork of British artist Slinkachu is the thing for you, putting his tiny pieces of art in situations that shed a new light on things we take for granted all around us.

A Tiny Diet

Even tiny people have weight problems.

A Feast for Flies

Couldn’t help myself from making a Game of Thrones reference.

The Church of Coca Cola

The nectar of the gods to us big people, a can turned into a church for the little ones.

Tennis Ball Island

The best resort a dirty puddle can offer.

Tiny Smokers

I’m not really sure what he’s doing with this one.

Once Upon a Time

Cigarettes must look like huge, smoking chimneys to little people. I actually try and take an optimistic view at this piece, hoping that one day there will be no cigarettes in this world, with only a few remaining artifacts to behold in museums.

Monster Hunting

There’s only one thing to do with these huge, poisonous, hairy flying things – shoot ’em!

Hole in the Wall

Every little hole in the wall is a huge cave when you’re tiny.

Marooned in Milk

No matter how hard he rows, he’s not going anywhere.

Tiny Pyromaniac

Forever Alone

Here Be Monsters

The ever elusive Shoelace monster reveals itself.

Police State

Out to beat up some problematic cockroaches.

For more of this guy’s amazing artwork, go to his blog, Little People.