Get the Pigs’ Side of the Story in this New Angry Birds Game

They say walk a mile in another person’s shoes to understand their point of view. A new Rovio Angry Birds game coming out soon will have you doing just that, understanding the pig’s POV!

No one can deny that Angry Birds has become one of the most popular games available. Who here hasn’t taken just a little bit of pleasure in knocking down those green pigs’ who here hasn’t smiled a little bit thinking about the pigs rolling off the buildings and then going POOF in a computer-generated smoke cloud of misery and anguish? We love sling shooting the Angry Birds, getting rid of the evil pigs.

But here is a question Rovio has yet to answer for us – why do the birds hate the pigs as much as they do? What did the pigs do to deserve this certain doom? And more importantly, what motivated the evil pigs to turn seemingly harmless creatures into catapulting angry birds? Well, these questions, my dear friends, will now be answered as Rovio Entertainment, the mastermind creators of Angry Birds, just announced that they will be launching a new game from the perspective of the pigs – Bad Piggies! The game was created due to mounting empathy from players for these poor, poor pigs. According to the Rovio website, this new game will provide a “glimpse into what’s going on in the imaginative and ingenious minds of the pigs.” We want to know their back story. Will it make us hate the pigs even more or feel bad for them? Will the angry birds be cast in a new light?

This new game will enable players to play from the perspective of the green pigs. Not only that, but it will involve brand new game play that has not been seen in Angry Birds. While this will undoubtedly have us waving bye-bye to the sling shot, most likely we will have bigger and better “toys” to play with.

There are not a lot of details published yet about this new game, but if you are like me, a complete Angry Birds fanatic (I have all the games on my smartphone and my tablet), you will be itching to download it once it comes out. Bad Piggies will be launched on September 27 of this year for Mac, Android, and iOS. A few weeks later, versions will be made available for PC, Windows 8, and Windows Phone.

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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