12 Superheroes at Their Loneliest

From the fortress of Solitude, to the Batcave or even Peter Parker’s slimy bachelor’s pad, Superheroes, be it in costume or their alter-ego, need their alone time to decompress. This fantastic series of photos shows them (or people dressed like them) at their loneliest moments out in the wild, away from the pressures of saving the world.

Spider-Man sitting on an empty road

Spiderman on the road

The Batman of Notre Dame

The Batman of Notre Dame

Or just in some cave

A Cave

Superman up North

Lonely Superman


Or “stranded” on a tiny island

Superman on a tiny island

The creator of this series is French artist Benoit Lapray. According to him, this might be Superheroes on a quest, but a quest to find themselves.

Or up on a Cliff

Superman up on a cliff


And getting away from there

And Flying Away From There

Wolverine in the wild

Wolverine in the wild

Captain America up some hill

Captain America up some hill

Flash-ing through the fields

Flashing through the fields

Thor in the Woods

Thor in the woods


Woder Woman in some lake

Wonder Woman in the lake


Or some waterfall

Beautiful picture

Iron-Man is here too

Iron Man is here too


And so is the Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Hulk loves being one with nature

Hulk feels great in nature

Catwoman hiding somewhere

Catwoman down somewhere


Via: Behance

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