Rad Mass Effect M8 Avenger Assault Rifle Foam Replica

The idea of the Reapers taking over the galaxy is scary enough, and that is probably why Commander Shepard has to work hard in order to slay them all.

The M8 Avenger is an assault rifle that is manufactured by the Elkoss Combine and one of the weapons that most geeks desire to possess. The real thing only exists in gaming world, and those who want to possess may have to do with replicas and toys. However, there are several cool replicas which would make Mass Effect fans not regret about the lack of these weapons in real life.

AscensionProps has unveiled a cool Mass Effect M8 Avenger Assault Rifle foam replica that is custom made for each purchaser. The artist requires a week to build these cool weapons and with $200 you can possess it as well. I think it looks really good for a replica that is made from foam, and can beat any of the metal ones that other modders have built.

You could also go ahead and take a look at the rumored Mass Effect Anime, which should be out sometime this year. The Mass Effect Kitchenaid Mixer is a rad tool to be used. The Mass Effect Omni-Tool Prop is an interesting weapon that we wrote about as well.