Mass Effect Anime Arriving Fall 2012

Check out the concept art for the Mass Effect anime, Paragon Lost, coming this Fall.

Mass Effect Anime Art Image 1

Now that Mass Effect 3 is in the bag, wrapping up (or crapping up, if you go by word on the street) the adventures of Commander Shepard and crew, the popular Electronic Arts/BioWare sci-fi action role-playing series is tackling the cartoon world, joining up with Funimation – purveyor of all animated goods made in Japan – to co-produce an anime film adaptation based on the Mass Effect universe, called Mass Effect: Paragon Lost.

Paragon Lost won’t have anything to do with staple leading man/woman Shepard, but instead will focus on Mass Effect 3 bit character, and likely next cast-mate on the Jersey Shore, James Vega (voiced by Freddy Prince Jr. in the game.) Specifically, Vega’s early Wet-Behind-the-Ears career as an Alliance Marine, and commander of an elite Special Forces squad stationed on a remote star system.

Bringing Mass Effect: Paragon Lost to 2D animated life is Japanese studio T.O Entertainment. Who, the who? My thought’s exactly. Their list of credentials on Wikipedia aren’t particularly filled with animated shows or films I would dare touch with a twenty foot poll – and this is coming from someone who likes Inuyasha. So, umm, yeah.

Mass Effect Anime Art Image 2

All hope is not lost though, because it seems that fellow Japanese animation studio Production I.G. is on board for this project too, although I couldn’t find any confirmation on their involvement officially. But if my information is true, let’s see: Ghost in the Shell (movies and TV series), The End of Evangelion, Patlabor 2: The Movie, and FLCL. Alrighty, then. Crisis averted. You may now engage hype train engines to full power.

Now, I wish I had further proof to back my confidence – say, a teaser trailer or something – but right now all there is to show for the Mass Effect anime is a batch of early concept art and this DailyMotion interview from the recent South by Southwest ScreenBurn event, where Funimation social media manager Justin Rojas laid out choice details about the film that’s heading for a Fall release.

Oh, and for Dragon Age fans out there, the SXSW interview even has footage from the forthcoming Dragon Age anime – also produced by T.O Entertainment.


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