New Male Birth Control Makes Vasectomy Obsolete

Men all cringe when they think of the two outcomes that come with their family jewels. They can either have an unplanned child or get snipped via a vasectomy and be permanently infertile. Of course there are other means of birth control, but those get expensive and inconvenient. With a new simple, safe and effective procedure this may not have to be a concern again.

The procedure is called RISUG, or reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance. It was developed by an Indian scientist named Sujoy Guha who had to fight tooth-and-nail against skeptics and bureaucrats for a few decades to finally gain some recognition. His results really speak for them-self, boasting a 100 percent success rate with no adverse results among hundreds of men who have opted into this procedure.

It starts similar to a vasectomy, cutting open the scrotum to expose the line where the sperm travels through, the vas deferens. Yet, instead of snipping and tieing off this line, a syringe is inserted and a clear liquid is injected into both sides of the scrotum. The liquid is a polymer that coats the lining of the vas that chemically incapacitates sperm as it travels through, rendering them infertile. The polymer is nontoxic of course.

Perhaps the most exciting prospect of RISUG is the fact that it is reversible. With a simple follow-up injection the polymer would be removed and full functionality of the sperm would be restored.

Currently the procedure is only available to men in India, however it is in Phase III, meaning it could be implemented as standard practice soon. Also, interactions between Guha and a San Francisco health activist, the procedure may be on its way to FDA approval and become available stateside.

RISUG is the best contraceptive if going under the knife is alright with you. The fact that it is quick, easy to administer and reversible makes it the perfect answer to preventing unplanned babies. Until a male pill can be taken, I suggest looking into this once it becomes mroe widely available. Until then, practice safe sex!

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Via Wired