Mario Enters the Real World

Everybody loves Mario, so it’s great to see people doing something creative with the character, like making stop motion movies of him in the real world.

The video, “Super Mario Beads 2,” was created by Marcus and Hannes Knutson, of the Swedish studio Lefvande bilder. It’s gotten over a million views on YouTube.

In the video, Mario emerges out of the sink with his trademark sound effect, runs along a bathroom wall, before ending up in a laundry hamper. He’s taken down, stop-motion style, to the laundry room, before leaping out and stomping turtles. Mario then climbs the stairs and enters a pipe, emerging in the kitchen, once again stomping bad guys. He even passes a Nintendo DS on the way, giving it a curious look, but goes back to leaping over fireballs coming from pots on the stove. Finally, Mario meets up with Bowser, successfully evading him and tricking his nemesis into a blender, turning it on and disintegrating him. He’s about to reunite with Peach before he touches an enemy and dies in his trademark way of falling off the screen.

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