Italian Builds the Colosseum with Wine Corks

The Romans built some of the most impressive monuments in the world, and they still stand strong in various parts of the Old World. Roman monuments like the Colosseum or other arenas have inspired several artists to either paint, create sculptures or actually build them in real.

Ciro Califano is a 61 year old sculptor with a twist. Instead of sculpting using marble or sandstone, he uses wine corks to build his sculpture. Of course, Italy is synonymous with wine and it would only be fair if we assumed there would be tons of used wine corks lying around, especially if your son has a restaurant. So, Mr. Califano has turned his son’s restaurant into a sort of gallery where diners can check out his amazing wine cork sculptures.

He has created miniature replicas of the Roman aqueduct in Nimes, France, the Saracen Tower and even the beautiful Church of Monte Albino. Ciro needs at least a year to build each of the sculptures and he uses as many as 5000 to 10,000 corks. Before actually building the sculpture, he studies the history of the monument he is trying to recreate and also the background stories so that they are better reflected in his works of art. Ciro Califano has recreated the Colosseum which you might have seen if you have visited Rome.

He required more than 10,000 corks to build this mammoth cork sculpture and it took his 2 years to build it. It is one of the most beautiful sculptures that I have come across and certainly one of the most innovative. With such artists around, we would never forget our historical monuments which are gradually being eroded due to natural aging and environmental pollution combined. You could also take a look at this Samus Aran Sculpture which was built from Nintendo cartridges.