Steampunk Female Mechanic, Now On Duty

Have you ever wondered who could fix your jet-pack, Nautilus or Zeppelin? I think we found the person just for you. Go ahead, tell us you’ve seen better.


Guys, her eyes are up there, in her face, you know? This lovely lady up here is Kato from She’s a designer and model, but above all, a true steampunk fan, which can be inferred by looking at any of her designs, all of them extremely well produced and rich in detail. In this photo session, as seen in GeeksAreSexy, we can see her as a female mechanic building a jetpack.

So, what’s the verdict? Could our dear readers see her playing Winry Rockbell on a hypothetical Full Metal Alchemist movie? Or is the character too sweet for her? By the way, sorry to diverge the attention from the model and outfit but that jetpack looks damn great, absolutely full of detail in brass. We can imagine it using coal in the little opening seen below. And hey, we’re not here to explain physics or how could coal power up a jetpack, let’s just assume it does. A little suspension of disbelief never hurt anyone.

If you want to see more steampunk gadgetry, head over to Disney Goes Steampunk and Neat Little Steampunk Inspired Globe Lamp. And yes, the title of this article is a Sonic Youth reference. Rock on, readers.