15 Moments of Mario Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Super Mario Bros has gone a long way from the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Not the naive, innocent, simple minded plumber who’s out running to rescue an ungrateful from princess from a castle. The magic of the Internet, the creative abilities and minds of the chubby Italian’s fans have turned him into a more well rounded character, much more interesting, often preferring to portray the dark side of being a video game hero and the toll it takes on your personal life.

Mario, like everyone one of us, has his bad days, and worse. It doesn’t get as bad as the feature film, but there are some low moments in the life of the mustached pixel. Of course, we didn’t want it to be all bad, some there are a few cool looking one’s as well.

A Cold One After a Day of Work

Mario? Smoking?!

The Serious Looking Expression

Why Bother Anymore?

Gotta love the thin looking hair.

To Jump or Not to Jump?

There’s so much to live for, don’t jump!

And How He Ended Up on the Cliff

Alcohol is never the solution.

Mario the Soldier

To those wondering – Mario hasn’t joined the Mexican Special Ops. That’s the Italian flag with a mushroom in the middle.

Someone Got Confused Somewhere

Pikachu feels out of place.

Decisions, Decisions

The hardest thing about saving the princess is choosing which uniform to do it in.

Can’t Look Anymore Bad-Ass

Black and White Dream

Every night, I dream I’m falling.

Life Outside of the Game

Green Omelets are good for your health.

Guess What He Got in For

F&^% the Police.

Mario And a More Than One Chinny-Chin-Chin

What has he been putting in that omelet?


Someone’s Been Taking Too Many Mushrooms

Which is your favorite?