17 Entirely Geeked-Out Etch-A-Sketch Drawings

I remember when my parents bought me an Etch a Sketch back in 1990 or 1991. I remember it was fun for using for about 10 minutes. When you have no artistic talents and imagination what so ever, well, you better go off playing soccer outside with your friends. For those with an affiliation to geeky stuff and actual talent, patience and ummm… yeah, talent, an etch a sketch seems like a perfect fit.


The life of a Super Mario brother isn’t always glorious. Sometimes it is actually being a plumber, rescuing poor turtles from toilets.

Not so Scary Looking Joker

This drawing, based on the Heath Ledger portrayal in the Dark Knight, isn’t as scary.

Superhero Musings

Something about the Ironman character has become incredibly cooler these past few years. Maybe it’s Robert Downey Jr. On second thought, it has to be.

JSYK – Krypton isn’t only Superman’s home planet. It’s also a chemical element, no. 36 on the Periodic table, a noble gas. Just in case you never took Chemistry.

In the Etch A Sketch universe, Peter Parker’s only option is the Symbiote suit.

Star Wars

Kinda looks like present day Harrison Ford…

C3PO and R2-D2 have never looked so, so, simplistic.

Star Trek

The Leonard Nimoy version, not Zachary Quinto.

Where the Wild Things Are

Lord of the Rings


Duck Hunt

Talking about childhood toys, I actually do get to play this one once in a while. I know some games, or pretty much every game since 1990 has better graphics and a better story line, but few games are as fun.