Fight Dirt with Marvel Superhero Soaps

Fight dirt and stay clean with some very colorful Marvel superhero scented, and glow in the dark, soaps.

marvel superhero soap

I’ll have to admit, when I hear the word “soap” the first thing that comes to mind are those orange scented ones I tend to gift wrap and send to my mother for Christmas every year. It’s always seemed more stereotypically girly than geeky to me, but thankfully the good folks over at Luxury Lane have produced a line of superhero soap designed to prove me wrong.

Our source, Nerd Approved, was the first one who stumbled upon these marvels (get it?) of bath and body products. Not only are they each very bright, colorful and textured but also scented to boot.

If you’ve ever wondered what justice smells like, now’s the time to find out. The soaps come in packages of four, containing bars in the likeness of The Thing, Iron Man, the Hulk’s smashing green first and the shield of Captain America. The Hulk soap even glows in the dark, so you can wash yourself even when the power’s out. Talk about handy.

The whole set goes for about $8.95 with $5.50 shipping for North America. If you live anywhere else, be prepared to fork up $8.00 for shipping. Luckily, if you order directly from Luxury Lane and decide to snatch some of their other awesome soap products up as well, they’ll give you a decent discount on the shipping.

All in all I’d say these soaps are a great way to impress overnight guests, your room-mate and even your mother when she comes to visit. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to find out you still use soap after all those years of living on your own.

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