Epic Master Chief Balloon Sculpture

One balloon sculptor made a girl’s day when she asked him to build a machine gun.

This guy went above and beyond the call of duty when a girl asked him to build a gun out of balloons just like in Halo. After methodically twisting the balloons into shape, he made a complete master chief costume. He did build her a gun, but also the helmet and belt, complete with a grenade hanging off it.

Balloon Master Chief

The best touch is the headset microphone that he managed to work in. The only balloon sculpture I ever managed to do was just some kind of stupid-looking link sausage thing. If there was an award for being awesomely geeky, this guy would certainly win it. He’s obviously paid attention. Maybe he plays a lot of Halo in between balloon-twisting gigs?

If he made a balloon Master Chief costume out of bacon, the Internet would blow up in an explosion of awesome.

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via: ContĂședonerd (in Portugese)