Meccano Gears of War Judgment Figurines and Vehicles

Meccano, one of the big players at UK Toy Fair 2013, which takes place in London these days, is preparing a range of Gears of War Judgment figurines and vehicles to be launched at the same time as the XBox 360 game.

According to Meccano, this new range will be launched in March, so the Gears of War fans don’t have that much to wait. Given the popularity of the Gears of War franchise, it should not surprise anyone that the Meccano figurines were among the first things people wanted to spot at this year’s UK Toy Fair.

The new line includes the COG Silverback loader exoskeleton and Island Bunker Assault, both priced at £14.99 (approximately $24), the Halvo Bay Pursuit, which will cost £19.99 (~$32) and an artillery installation. The Centaur from the first image is part of last year’s range, so it’s nice to see that Meccano is eager to continuously add new products to its inventory.

The ones attending the UK Toy Fair might be a bit disappointed by the company’s policy of not allowing anyone to take pictures of the GoW figurines and vehicles. Fortunately, all of the products are pictured on Meccano’s website, even though they haven’t been officially launched, yet.

People who have already heard about this policy are in fact revolted. They even claim that the company doesn’t allow pictures to be taken so that the flaws of their products cannot be observed. The images from the website might be airbrushed or edited in Photoshop, and the company might take advantage of the time that’s left until the launch to perfect the GoW range.

This reaction might be exaggerated, but the fact that Meccano didn’t allow taking pictures is equally so. Judging by the pictures, the figurines and the vehicles look really well and it seems that the manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to details. It remains to be seen in March whether the real GoW figurines and vehicles are as accurately designed as the ones pictured here.

Besides the vehicles, Meccano also has in store for its clients a set of “blind bag” collectible figurines of Marcus Fenix, Jace Stratton, Anthony Carmine, Locust Drone, Grenadier and Cyclops. These will cost £1.99 ($3) each. Some of the figurines are pictured here.

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