Addiction: This is Your Brain on Media [Infographic]

Crack-cocaine, move aside; another form of addiction is taking over your spotlight … the addiction to (all sorts of) media.

Rasmussen College presents “Multitasking: This Is Your Brain On Media,” an infographic that is all too relevant for the majority of people living in the modern world. According to them, there are reports that find “multi-taskers are ‘lousy at everything that’s necessary for multitasking.'” Is it, perhaps, because today’s youth is spending more and more time watching the television, listening to music, playing video games and on the computer? Even if they can multi-task, how effectively are they doing it with things that matter in their lives?

This data visualization takes a look at how are brains work when multitasking with media.

Just how much are you engaging in media usage? Did you know that a smartphone user will spend an additional 30 minutes per day interacting with media compared to those without iPhones and Android phones? Did you realize that you’re changing windows (or tabs) and checking your email an average of 37 times per hour? Is this a “media addiction,” or are we just adapting with the technology of the times?

So what do you think? Is your life made better or more complicated by the overdose of television, Internet, music, video games and other media? Spill your thoughts in the comment section below.

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