8 Best Disney Villain Style Icons

Being evil in a Disney movie isn’t just about doing bad things. It’s about having a certain kind of attitude that will leave you in the minds of millions many years after the film has already been screened. With that attitude, comes a certain dress sense that makes these antagonists look like fashion icons, despite playing for the wrong side.

Gaston, The Beauty and the Beast


If you’re a Disney character and they actually gave you chest hair, better were too-small shirts and show off your hairy pecks.

Mother Gothel, Tangled

Mother Gothel

Not all villains look bad and evil. No excessive makeup, no controversial dress. Great hair, and tons of energy in the bad attitude.

Captain Hook, Peter Pan

Captain Hook

With that long, greasy hair and the overlong mustache, Captain Hook is so cool it looks like he’s not even trying.

Ursula, The Little Mermaid


Ursula knows that a little black dress is slimming. Plus, it takes attention away from her tentacles. The white hair is the perfect complement to her skin tone. Some witches know what they’re doing.

Jafar, Aladdin


The cape, the Cobra staff, the amazing goatee. Pimping way before people knew what it was.

The Queen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Evil Queen

By keeping most of her skin under wraps, she lets her face stand out. Even though Snow White is the hero and all, her enemy is simply the hotter one in the film if I’d have to choose between the two.

Cruella de Vil, 101 Dalmatians

Cruella de vil

Doing a little two-face thing with her hair, Cruella is completely committed to the black & white thing, and uses a huge-ass coat to make people mistake her to be a lot bigger than she actually is. She might the personification of evil, but she sure looks good doing bad things.

Maleficent, The Sleeping Beauty

Disney Classic - 16 - Sleeping Beauty (10)

It’s hard to find a wardrobe that works with green skin, but Maleficent makes it work, using lipstick and eyeshadow to form the perfect color combination, not to mention the bad-ass cape and a black crow to make the look perfect.

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Via Buzzfeed