Pro Voltage Cosplay Shows Off Metal Gear REX Costume At Otakon

This Metal Gear REX cosplay is more than just solid, it is absolutely awesome.

Metal Gear REX costume Pro Voltage Cosplay image 1

Cosplay and robots are typically two things a person is most likely to run into at an anime convention. But on a special occasion, oh say frequenting the second biggest anime convention in the United States, Otakon, it is possible to find both at the same time – case in point, this radical Metal Gear REX cosplay from Pro Voltage Cosplay.

The talented cosplay group from New York debuted their bite-sized version of the titular mech behind the Metal Gear Solid saga from Japanese game maker Konami at this year’s Otakon, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Hal Emmerich – the anime-loving scientist and chief engineer behind the nuclear-armed bi-pedal tank – was amongst Pro Voltage’s ranks considering the fantastic quality of its build.

Metal Gear REX costume Pro Voltage Cosplay image 2

Mobility though, is where the Metal Gear REX costume, unfortunately, has problems. Ruby Taki, the person inside the hulking mech, only has a limited range of articulation.

Ruby can move REX’s head, arms, and legs all right, but when it comes to taking a casual stroll through the open spaces of the Baltimore Convention Center, not so much. The costume has its wearer on stilts, and combining that with the heavy weight of the mech itself, well, it doesn’t make for a good match as Ruby herself admits.

Thankfully, we’re not judging this Metal Gear REX cosplay in Olympic gymnastics. Looks are what matter here. And in that department Pro Voltage Cosplay has done a terrific job. Check out a video of the costume being assembled at this year’s Otakon, recorded by Mike Hecxz.

I fully recommend following Pro Voltage Cosplay on Facebook, where you can see more of their cosplaying efforts. If the name hasn’t tipped you off already, the group has an affinity for the Metal Gear Solid series and has splendid cosplay of characters within that universe.

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