Metal Gear Solid’s virtual diorama is both awesome and cute

Metal Gear Solid redefined gaming back in 1999, when it first came out, and now it’s ready to redefine virtual dioramas with the full force of tactical cuteness.

Metal Gear Solid Diorama

Having trouble understanding what this is? So did we when we first saw it. This is an interactive, virtual diorama in 3D filled with cuter, ‘chibi’ versions of the characters of Metal Gear Solid 1, the ultimate masterpiece of the PlayStation 1. It was created by Glenatron, who has a fantastic eye for details, and managed to both keep the shades, colors, and sense of direction of the original game right, while also making it incredibly cute.

There diorama, which can be seen below these lines has many of the game’s most iconic scenes, such as the fight with Gray Fox, the opening, or the final battle against Metal Gear itself. But take our words, check it out for yourself, and be throrough, as there’s a lot to see! Maybe it’s time for a remake of the whole series in chibi models?

Via Kotaku

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