Michael Jackson and Mr Bean: Dancing Duel

Some things are done just for the sheer joy. There is no rhyme or reason attached to it and yet it proves to be highly entertaining and amusing. The stop motion video of Michael Jackson vs. Mr Bean is one such example.

Created by Montreal-based Pascal Blais Studio, this amazing stop motion video brings together two of the most popular people – Michael Jackson and Mr Bean. Who has not heard of the two? One character is an all time music and dance legend while the other is a fictional comic character. What made the creators bring the two together is not clear but whatever the reasons, the results are outstanding.

The video starts off with the King of Pop break dancing with all his signature moves. Given his signature curls, black suit and black cap the creators have made every effort to bring about the exact resemblance. Along comes a comic character on a red and white colored old model scooter. His very long nose and big wide ear to ear grin leaves no doubt that he is the very popular Mr Bean. What ensues is a dance battle between the two. While one is trying his best to perform the other one is all set to dance on his scooter. Eventually it turns into a robot battle where the King finally emerges victorious.

Mr Bean using his scooter as his robot costume might remind you of the transformers but still the two are way different. This is one of those videos where you do not have to put your brains to work. There is no point in asking a question like what is happening here or why is all this happening. All that you are supposed to do is sit back and enjoy the small clip.

One fact that is, however, true with this video is that you must be familiar with the two characters presented here. You will enjoy it only when you know what each of these characters mean to people. Michael Jackson is the unquestioned King of Pop music while Mr Bean is a one of the most popular comic characters. Both have their popularity on a global basis and this is probably the only common factor between them.

We all know that opposites attract but over there is much more than being opposites. Both belong to different world but efforts have been made to bring them together. Not only do adults enjoy every bit of it but children too derive equal pleasure. So give your brains some rest and enjoy the duel between Michael Jackson and Mr Bean.

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Via: Colossol