Microsoft listens to fans, removes DRM and region-lock

Following the colossal failure to hype the console during its debut at E3, Microsoft has announced a slew of changes in regards to the Xbox One.


After our first look at the Xbox One roughly one month ago, we came out with fairly low expectations and users across the net found themselves universally disappointed by the slew of restrictions, always-on requirements and the lack of used game support. Users have been denouncing the Xbox One as a cash grab from Microsoft. The region-lock announced at E3 further drove the point home that the industry giant wanted nothing to do with a large portion of the European market, and even left out countries like Korea from the list of countries that would support the Xbox One. Since then, fans have been outraged by these, and the gaming community has been all but bracing itself for a colossal train wreck, and Microsoft has been adamant about defending its position on these issues, stating that the last-gen Xbox360 was a product to accommodate the many who could not benefit from the Xbox One.


Needless to say that after a solid month of bad publicity, outcry and boycott, Microsoft had a much needed change of heart. In a rumor posted on GiantBomb, and later confirmed by the Redmond giant, the Xbox One has attacked all of these breaking issues and delivered a statement in regards to the future of the Xbox One on launch.

At this point, it’s obvious to many that this knee-jerk reaction to all of the bad publicity (and lots of taunting from Sony) is solely a preventative measure to insure the Xbox One reaches more consumers, since its target audience has almost unanimously given up on the new generation. With its November launch date quickly approaching, it remains to be seen if these measures are enough to win back its consumers, or if Microsoft’s attempt to climb out of they grave they dug themselves is another futile attempt at pleasing a crowd that they’ve decidedly taken for granted.

Source : Giantbomb and Microsoft

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